BLOG – Wastewater treatment systems for construction sites

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Water purification in a slope stabilisation project

Within the construction sector, a wide variety of containment and stabilisation systems for slopes and hillsides have been used over time to address the problems of landslides and collapses of large land masses.

In general, one can consider the stabilisation systems acting on a mass of unstable terrain that would otherwise cause deep landslides, and other containment systems applicable to minor slopes of less unstable ground. The stabilisation systems on hillsides or slopes usually consist of several types combined together. Continue reading

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Water treatment in pile foundation work

Pile foundations are used in construction to form deep foundations in the search for layers of resistant soil capable of withstanding loads that cannot be properly distributed by a shallow foundation. The component fixed into the ground is the pile, which can take various shapes and sizes and be made of different materials, although they are typically of concrete or steel.

There are basically 4 methods of driving piles: by percussion, vibration, drilling and pressure. Continue reading